Day 2: Today I got not one, but two letters from Matthew! I’ve been anxiously awaiting their arrival because they didn’t make it to Florida the first try. As usual they are beautiful and extremely thoughtful. He makes me so dang happy.

My girlfriend is embarking on a quest to explore the happiness of her everyday life for 100 days straight. I’m delighted to have been the source of today’s happiness. But I reblog this post not only to share my lettering, but mostly to encourage to you also take on this challenge. If now isn’t the time for you, then perhaps following Brantley’s 100 Happy Days will be your needed inspiration to start as well.

Guys!! This is so lovely!!


hey guys just reminding you all of how pretty i am just in case you forgot or haven’t thought about it today

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The un-brand, illustrated by 1924.


Sidney Bechet - Si tu vois ma mère